What can be done? Land Sovereignty The global trend in land concentration includes land grabs that are small, urban and gradual as well as large-scale, rural and explosive.

They've infiltrated Congress, cultural institutions, and higher education.

Some are recent, but others are part of longstanding struggles. .



Land grabbing is a serious issue that affects the environment, economy, social welfare and human rights. . While used broadly throughout history, land grabbing as used in the 21st century primarily refers to large-scale land acquisitions following the 2007–08.


Having grown up on a farm myself, I am all too aware of the allure of land. They have lost 12 million acres over the past century. The term “land grabs” was defined in the Tirana Declaration (2011) by the International Land Coalition, consisting of 116 organizations from community groups to the World Bank.

PDF | On Jan 1, 2011, Saturnino M Borras Jr and others published Land Grabbing in Latin America and the Caribbean Viewed From Broader International Perspectives | Find, read and cite all the. .


An excavator clears land for a palm oil plantation in southern Sierra Leone for a Lichtenstein-based a company.

Despite the global reach of land grabbing, there is no definition that fully. This was during the era of “Manifest Destiny,” a time when Native.

” Deforested area in the municipality. .

The Land & Sovereignty in the Americas series pulls together research and analysis from activists and scholars working to understand and halt the alarming trend in.
A March 2010 article by the U.


But while China under President Xi Jinping has backed up its claims with forceful land grabs in the Paracel and Spratly island.

. The 2008 spike in food prices triggered a rush in land deals. .

. Modern green grabs are often enacted through. Through the. . They could keep the land if they lived on the land for five years and made improvements to the land. .


14 KB) L'Accaparement des Terres (PDF, 920. By the early 20th century, sales and leases raised nearly $580,000, equivalent to more than $10.