You can get SharePoint Online Site Templates by pnp.

Click Save document library as template.

While the scripting and process is a bit on the technical side, content creators and site owners who manage their day-to-day SharePoint sites can play a crucial part in designing and building the initial template. I would like to save a few SharePoint Online sites as template for future use with PowerShell.

Check the details Workarounds to Save list as template in SharePoint Online.

How do you use it?.

On the Site Settings page, click on the “Save Site As Template” link under the Site Actions section. . .

I have a requirement to create SP environments quickly that house a variety of prepopulated doc libraries, lists, etc.

Republish site edits to make new content available to viewers. Here's a good blog post describing the process for a classic. This is because the publishing feature creates site elements that are not supported as part of a template, and these elements remain even when the feature is disabled.

Jan 19, 2023 · After removing these problematic lists and fields, re-save the site template again and create a new site using the new site template. Refer to the section what's not supported on "modern" team sites:.

Please have a try and let's know the result.

We are currently migrating to sharepoint online and my manager has asked me create the templates for our sites.

Click on New > Private Site Collection. You can create site templates to provide reusable lists, themes, layouts, or custom actions so that your users can quickly build new SharePoint sites with the.

. It occurs because the denyaddandcustomizepages of this site is true.

If it meets your organizational needs, select Use template.
These Microsoft official documentations should help you: Introducing the PnP provisioning engine.

Aug 5, 2019 · Requirement: Copy a sub-site in SharePoint Online using PnP Provisioning Template.

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Templates can be downloaded for archiving or uploaded to another site. . In SharePoint go to your site.

. . Aug 22, 2018 · Saving site as a template is not supported on "modern" team site. However, certain features and functionalities of SharePoint require for a site collection to be converted into publishing hub, by enabling publishing features. If you’re on OSX 10. We can save the modern site (modern team site and communication site) as the site template by visiting /_layouts/savetmpl.


Aug 22, 2014 · How to save the site as a template in SharePoint 2013? The easiest way to create a standard template for your SharePoint sites is to create a site, Add-remove content, list, and libraries, and save the site as a template from Site Settings >> Save Site as a template. 4 Answers.


How do you use it?.

Oct 31, 2018 · Click on Admin from Office 365 App Launcher.


Currently this functionality is written in SharePoint server object model.